Buttermás Continues – Buttermás Day 2

On the First Day of Buttermás we partook in the Thanking of All RuminantsDid you? The possibilities were literally endless – yodeling to a yak, petting a giraffe, helping a hippopotamus (ok, technically hippos are pseudoruminants, but if this is your first year celebrating Buttermás, you get a pass.)

The important part was taking a moment out of your busy day to appreciate the long and winding path between wild grasses, and milk – and the animals that make it possible. Seriously, they’re amazing.

When we started making fatCoffee, we asked a dozen of the world’s leading scientists to synthesize a deeply satisfying drink that would provide a long-lasting source of clean-burning energy. And when they failed, we asked cows to do it.

Amazing as they are, though, the cows could only get us part way. For the rest, we had to turn to a 10-century old technique for turning sweet butter cream into actual butter.


Believe it or not, these are all butter churns we have at Ninja Goat.

OK, they’re not – but it seems that way around here sometimes.

If you’ve never churned your own butter – well, welcome to life as one of the 99.99% of people in the world who have never churned their own butter. But if you want to try, here’s a butter churner you can buy on Amazon.

But make sure you’re using 100% grass-fed milk! There are a few national brands on the market which are made from milk from cows that are at least partially grass-fed, but your best bet is to talk to someone at a local farmer’s market, or check out this online directory of farms that pasture-raise their cows to get started.

In the meantime, try some Mocha fatCoffee, and savor the 100% grass-fed butter inside!


Buttermas (or, as they say in Spanish, Buttermás – which, loosely-translated means, “more butter”) is an ancient holiday tradition which just so happens to straddle American Thanksgiving. It begins on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and ends on the Friday after, encompassing one full week of rich, thick, buttery goodness. 

Join us as we celebrate the 7 Days of Buttermas: