Incredible, Edible, Butterful Eggs – Buttermás Day 5

Incredible, Edible, Butterful Eggs!

We’ve spent the last few days of Buttermás sharing some of our newest, favorite recipes with you.

But what if you want something more substantial than just a snack? What if you’ve got more than just the munchies. Behold, the power of eggs. And butter.

Around our house, we tend to look for pastured eggs from a local farm whenever possible. Whole Foods carries a line of pastured, and pastured organic, eggs which will do in a pinch. But look for eggs that come from chickens that are not just “free range” or “cage free” – those terms mean nothing – but rather raised on open fields where they can peck at insects and other goodies hiding in the grass.

The difference is substantial, noticeable, and stark. Regular, mass-produced egg yolks will look sickly, pale and downright unappetizing once you’ve viewed them, side by side, with the rich, deep-orange shimmering egg yolk of pasture-raised chicken eggs.

Get some! And remember, as Julia says, “you must use plenty of butter.”

Also, “it’s all in the wrist.”

Watch Julia create a masterpiece, multi-layer omelet, and try it yourself it with a cup of Mocha Mint fatCoffee, too!

Buttermas (or, as they say in Spanish, Buttermás – which, loosely-translated means, “more butter”) is an ancient holiday tradition which just so happens to straddle American Thanksgiving. It begins on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and ends on the Friday after, encompassing one full week of rich, thick, buttery goodness. 

Join us as we celebrate the 7 Days of Buttermas: