fatCoffee Multi Pouch (Vanilla, Original) for Butter Coffee Anytime, Up to 8 Cups at a Time

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Don’t be so stingy! Share that fatCoffee with family, friends, or your whole office. Make up to 8 cups of fatCoffee-powered Butter Coffee with this multi-serving, reclosable pouch. Also excellent for food-service use.

All the benefits of our single-serving pouches, in a multi-serving, reclose-able pouch. Shelf stable (refrigerate after opening, though), and travel-ready, easy to use for making more than one cup at a time, or fine-tuning your mixture.

Power your workout, your run or your most challenging morning with the perfect cup of butter coffee in 60 seconds or less, anywhere, anytime. No measuring, no mess, no wasted time.

Pick the right bottle, add 1 to 2 tablespoons of fatCoffee® and 8oz of hot coffee or tea to make a delicious, nutrient-dense energy powerhouse. 100% all natural, no preservatives, stabilizers, or artificial ingredients. It all starts with 100% organic, grass-fed butter.


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Make your butter coffee with the highest quality ingredients:

  • Ghee made from 100% grass-fed, organic and non-GMO butter, from Lancaster County, PA
  • Organic, wet-milled, virgin coconut oil
  • Pharmaceutical-grade MCT oil
  • Whole powdered milk from pasture-raised goats
  • Organic cocoa butter
  • Organic ground vanilla bean
  • Read more about our Ingredients and Nutritional Facts

Start enjoying a rich, satisfying, latte-like beverage that can be made anywhere, any time. No blender or high-speed mixer is required – just mix fatCoffee® with coffee or tea in a tightly-sealed water bottle or thermos, shake for 30 seconds, pour and enjoy!

Each package contains:

  • 7 ounces of fatCoffee, in a resealable squeeze pouch

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2 Pouches, 4 Pouches


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