The Buttermás Decadence Begins – Buttermás Day 3

Like all good holidays, Buttermás includes a healthy dosing of celebratory indulgences. And what better way to begin than to combine one of our nation’s earlier confectionary inventions, and ingredients that harken back to the first original commercial recipes of popcorn.

Back in 1893, popcorn was initially cooked in a mixture of clarified butter, lard, and salt.

Clarified butter, or ghee. In 1893.

We’ve updated this recipe slightly, and of course added the now-ubiquitous pumpkin spices which are flavoring everything from bagels to potato chips to dog cologne.

Check our our recipe for Pumpkin Spiced Popcorn (featuring actual spices.) Hey, while you’re at it, save a few steps and use Pumpkin Spice fatCoffee to zing it up!

Buttermas (or, as they say in Spanish, Buttermás – which, loosely-translated means, “more butter”) is an ancient holiday tradition which just so happens to straddle American Thanksgiving. It begins on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and ends on the Friday after, encompassing one full week of rich, thick, buttery goodness. 

Join us as we celebrate the 7 Days of Buttermas: