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fatCoffee Pomegranate Zinger

This is another example of sweetness without a lot of sugar. Whereas a Hot Cup of Pie has no sugar whatsoever, this has a small amount – about 4 grams per 2 TBSP of Pomegranate powder.

If you’re going to have any fruit sugar in your diet, nighttime is one of the best times to have it, which makes this another good pre-bedtime treat. I find the slight tartness of the pomegranate is well balanced by the richness of the ghee and coconut oil in fatCoffee, and the drink is altogether a very satisfying experience.

Make this with coffee or just hot water (if you want to skip the caffeine, especially at night.)




  • Add Pomegranate Powder and 8-oz of hot water to a blender or small, tightly-sealable water bottle
  • Add 1 packet of fatCoffee®
  • Close lid securely, and shake/blend for 45-60 seconds
  • Open carefully, pour into a mug and enjoy!
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Deliciously automated, but never cutting corners

I never cut corners. Side-notches, yes. But never corners.

Last time I wrote to tell you about a new packaging option that I’m really excited about. (Short version: stick packs will be more convenient, but I need 50 people to sign up for Premium Subscriptions before I can make that happen.)

Those are at least a few months away from becoming a reality.

Right now, though, fatCoffee Release 1.5 is officially in the record books. And by “record books” I mean “the little notebook I use to keep track of my production process.” (Think those will end up in the Smithsonian some day?)

Here are a few shots of the production process in full swing:

As the process has scaled up, I’ve been working on making things more complex. Well, not on purpose; it’s more of a consequence of trying to create some variety for you to choose from.

At it’s core, fatCoffee begins with butter. 100% grass-fed butter that’s higher in CLAs and Omega-3s than conventional butter, and even higher quality than what’s sold as “grass fed” in most grocery stores. Unless you’re buying your butter directly from a local farmer, and you know for sure how that farmer is feeding her herd, chances are good your butter is coming from cows that are at least partially grain-fed.

But fatCoffee is made only with butter from the Oasis at Bird in Hand farm collective in Lancaster County, PA, where the cows are raised only on grass, year-round, and the farms are tended by horse-power.

Once that butter is turned into ghee, however, I start looking for ways to make the fatCoffee experience even better. I’ve been working on a milk-free version of fatCoffee (for folks who are on a Whole 30 or AIP regimen, or who just don’t like the taste of goat milk), as well as a dairy-free version (for the pure Paleo’s among you), and my personal favorite: a rich, chocolate version that goes fantastic with coffee, but is also great on it’s own.

I’m looking forward to sharing these all with you soon. In the meantime, if you haven’t tried a taste of fatCoffee yet, now’s an excellent time.

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Making fatCoffee even easier, with stick packs

It’s time to scale up production a notch.

When you try to scale anything up, you inevitably run into challenges. Maybe you find that the equipment isn’t up to task – maybe you find that while you had plenty of stamina to mix and package 500 servings, 5,000 was a different story.

But scaling up also lets you try things you couldn’t do at first – and brings into view some neat options that are worth talking about.

For starters, fatCoffee Chocolate will soon be available. I used 100% organic, raw cocoa powder for this new flavor, rich in antioxidants, magnesium, iron and fiber. There is absolutely no sugar in this, but you still get a rich, creamy, decadent flavor. I really hope you’ll try some.

If you’ve tried fatCoffee (you have, haven’t you?), maybe you’ve found it challenging to pour the contents into a thermos suitable for shaking, or whatever container you’re using.

If you’ve gotten the hang of tearing off just a corner of the packet, then you’re probably fine. But why should you be leaving it to chance?

Up until now, fatCoffee has been packed in stock-sized square packets. At the quantities I’ve been working with, this is the only option. But now there’s a new option coming into view… with your help.

Three examples of stick packs, sealed in slightly different ways, as part of the fatCoffee Stik Pak prototyping process.

These are the first prototypes of the fatCoffee Stik Paks. They’re longer, narrower – but they hold the same amount of fatCoffee (one marvelous, fluid ounce.) And they’re still tough as nails, and won’t open until you need them to.
If you look closely at the top, you’ll see that they’re sealed in a few different ways – we’re experimenting with the sealing angle so that when you tear them open, you’ll be able to squeeze the fatCoffee right into any thermos or water bottle. And because of their size and shape, there’ll be less waste as well.

Here’s the catch: these are fully-custom, tricked-out, 3-mil, metalized foil pouches. They’re just the right size, because they’re unique to fatCoffee.

And I have to order at least 50,000 of them.

That’s a big commitment. But I’m ready to make it – with a little help from you. If I can get 50 more people to subscribe to fatCoffee, I’ll be able to place an order for the first production run of these new packs, and we’ll be on our way!

If you’ve tried fatCoffee and enjoyed it, a Premium Subscription is the best way to make sure you get to enjoy fatCoffee every day. You get up to an extra 10% off, plus some free goodies in each shipment. And you’ll be helping to make the next Release of fatCoffee our best, evah!