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If you’ve ever tried butter coffee, you know the story: the rich, satisfying taste combines with a clean, steady energy that lasts all morning. If you’re careful about what the ingredients slot online you use – grass-fed butter and high quality coconut oil for starters – you get an amazing latte-like drink that tastes fantastic and feels incredible.

I loved butter coffee from my first taste, but I had a problem: I didn’t have a way of making butter coffee when I traveled. And even at home, I really didn’t like the mess: measuring out ingredients, cleaning out the blender – not how I wanted to start the morning!

So I created fatCoffee, a mix of ghee made from 100% grass-fed butter, virgin coconut oil, pharmaceutical-grade MCT oil and goat milk.

About that grass-fed butter: if you’ve been making butter coffee with Kerrygold, chances are you know that it isn’t 100% grass-fed. The ghee I use in fatCoffee is made only with butter from cows that are 100% pastured-raised and always feeding on grass or hay, in Lancaster, PA.

Butter made from the milk of grass-fed cows has a vastly superior fatty acid profile and nutritional properties than other butters, and it’s something we don’t compromise on.

A picture of a block of grass-fed butter, which is naturally yellow in color because it contains more carotene.
There are many benefits of grass-fed butter vs. regular butter, how it supports heart health and in particular why it helps to use organic, grass-fed clarified butter or ghee, like we do! Check out “Our Ingredients”.

Butter from pasture fed cows isn’t always easy to find – although Kerrygold butter is more widely available than it used to be. If you have access to a local farmer’s market, you can usually find the good stuff.

That’s the “secret” to fatCoffee, and it’s why when you make butter coffee with it, the results are always amazing. Super-high quality ingredients, all organic, grass-fed butter.

Ghee was the critical piece: it’s butter, with the water and milk solids taken out, so just the super awesome fats are left. It’s the foundation of what makes fatCoffee special. Not only is it made locally, it comes entirely from cows that are pasture raised.

If you drink butter coffee and haven’t tried fatCoffee yet, now’s your chance. I’m sure you’ll be pleased.

Chief Ninja

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