The Pen is Mightier than the Whisk

A Human(e) Culture

Yesterday, I saw this article in my Twitter feed: Don’t hire Hotmail users & other tips to save your company culture And my first response was to say that this guy’s company culture is very clear and easy to understand: join up, and get treated like sh*t by a bunch of a**holes. But perhaps there’s […]


Try it Aut – Our Hope, and a Sale

About a year ago, we had what we thought was an amazing idea – there are subscription boxes for everything and everyone – why isn’t there a subscription box for people on the Autism Spectrum? With the help of our first box designer – Tucker James Collins, our family member and now-recent Neurochemistry graduate from […]


How to Buy fatCoffee as Cheaply as Possible

As we have begun to expand the options for purchasing fatCoffee on our website, as well as the other places you can buy it, I’m reminded of some of the earliest feedback we received when we first started selling fatCoffee. Love it! But it’s expensive! I started NinjaGoat with one core mission: to use the highest quality ingredients […]