How To Get fatCoffee In Australia (or Anywhere Outside the U.S.)

A few times each week, I get email from someone outside the U.S. who is looking to buy fatCoffee. I’m pleased, surprised, and a little disappointed: shipping fatCoffee internationally is kind of expensive, and a bit difficult.

But there are some options for you, and more on the way.

  1. Order here on this site. If you don’t see your country listed as a place where we can ship or accept orders from, contact me and I’ll add it. Shipping will be calculated based on USPS First Class International mail, which is expensive but reliable, and fairly quick (usually delivered in 8-10 business days.)
  2. Create an account with ShipItTo. This gives you a US-based shipping address, and they will forward your packages to wherever you are in the world. This is a better option if you’re ordering stuff from multiple websites, and want to save on shipping. We’ll charge you $2.50/order plus $0.50/item to ship it to their warehouse; you pay them the cost of shipping products on to wherever you are.
  3. Order on – often they have cheaper international shipping options, and you can also use your ShipItTo account – that will probably save you a few dollars too, since Amazon will likely give you free shipping to US-based address if your order is over $35 (that’s two 8-packs.)

More international purchasing options are coming soon, and we’ll let people know through our mailing list when they’re available, so sign up now!