Make an amazing butter coffee/latte in about 60 seconds, anywhere.

A cup of fatCoffee-made butter coffeeWhen I first started drinking butter coffee, despite some initial hesitation at the idea of plopping a slab of butter into my coffee, I loved the taste. And the sustained energy it gave me was incredible – no coffee buzz, just clean, steady energy all morning long.

Butter coffee is a great way to start off your day –  it will energize and sustain you throughout the morning. You can have it with breakfast, or use it occasionally to support intermittent fasting.

Still, there’s one potential drawback: making it can be a pain. I mean, brewing your coffee is probably not that much of a chore, but measuring out all the ingredients, putting it in a blender, mixing it up – I don’t know about you, but I’m always left with a sink full of dishes to clean up. For just a cup of coffee! I started looking for a better way.

You could mix up your ingredients ahead of time and store them in a jar, so you can just take a spoonful of your “magic fats” and mix up a butter coffee in a few minutes. But there’s still the cleaning up to do – the blender again, which isn’t exactly a fun way to start the day. And the results can be inconsistent: sometimes you get a cup of butter coffee with a little more coffee, sometimes a little more butter… why waste the time.

And what if you want to travel, and make butter coffee on the road? I had no reasonable way to take the Jar of Magic Fats with me – have you ever tried to get onto an airplane with an unlabeled mason jar full of a yellow, oily, fluid? And a blender? TSA don’t play that.

So I tinkered, and played with the recipe, and fiddled around a bit. And then, boom!

Powdered Goats Milk, Coconut Oil, MCT Oil, Cocoa Butter and Vanilla BeanfatCoffee was born:

  • Individually-wrapped servings, pre-portioned so that the butter coffee comes out exactly the same way, every time.
  • The absolutely highest quality butter, anywhere. Not even Kerrygold is 100% grass fed (Google-cached version; Kerrygold removed their FAQs!) My butter comes from Oasis at Bird in Hand Farms in Pennsylvania, where the cows are grazed on natural grass and fed only hay in the winter. No wheat, corn, silage or other feed, just grass and hay, all year long.)
  • USDA Organic Certified, wet-milled coconut oil (it’s never been heated)
  • MCT Oil, made from organic coconut and palm kernels
  • Organic, powdered whole goats milk

The combination of fats has an amazing flavor, and includes the high levels of CLAs in grass-fed butter, the Capric and Capryilic acids of MCT oil, the full range of healthy fats in coconut oil, and a creamy, foamy boost from goats’ milk.

But wait, there’s more!

A jar of ghee, or clarified butterSorry, I couldn’t resist. Here’s the really cool part: butter doesn’t normally travel very well, and it has this annoying habit of going rancid if you don’t keep it refrigerated. Vacuum-sealed in individual packets, it’ll last maybe a day or so, but that wasn’t good enough for me.

Ghee is for me. (Say that 5 times, really fast.)

What’s ghee? Simple: take a slab of butter, and heat it gently until it’s melted, and the water has evaporated. The milk solids will drop to the bottom; heat a little longer until the start to get a bit toasted.

Then, strain the melted butter through a filter. The result is pure butterfat, rich in tasty conjugated linoleic acid.

The best part: ghee is completely shelf-stable, and will keep fresh and yummy for about a year, just sitting in a mason jar.

No preservatives, no fancy chemicals, nothing special about the methodology: just a 3000 year old recipe for making grass fed butter turn into magic fat. And now you can take it anywhere, with no need for refrigeration.

And the real magic is in these nearly-indestructible, travel-ready packets. I add fatCoffee to each one, then seal it right away. Not only will they stay fresh and ready to use for up to a year, you can toss a few in your bag or purse, and not worry about them leaking. Seriously, I’ve stomped on these things, and they don’t break open. But they’re notched on the side, so you can tear them open nice and easily.

You can mix it all up in 60 seconds

Just in case you don’t have a full minute to watch me make butter coffee, here’s the short version:

  • Put a packet of fatCoffee in a tightly-sealed coffee thermos
  • Add 8oz of coffee
  • Shake for 30 seconds
  • Pour and drink.

Then go do something amazing, creative, powerful and brilliant, because that’s how you’ll be feeling.

Give it a try, I promise you won’t be disappointed

really want you to try fatCoffee. Yes, I’ve got something to sell. fatCoffee. But I want you to feel completely at ease about giving it a try, so here’s the deal: order Just a Taste (that’s 3 servings) for only $7. Shipping is free, and it’ll arrive in a couple of days. Give it a try. If you don’t love it, let me know and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Even betterorder a Full Release – that’s enough to make a cup a day for a (really long) month, 32 servings.

Even better-er: sign up for a Premium Subscription – you’ll get fatCoffee delivered every month, you can change, cancel, or pause your subscription any time, and I promise to stuff each box full of a bunch of awesome extras (like coffee and tea samples, tasty Paleo treats, and samples of upcoming flavors of fatCoffee that you get to Beta Taste.) Plus, you’ll save up to 10% when you subscribe.

Bonus Extra Feature #21: Hot Cup of Pie

An apple pie with a lattice crustAnd if you order within the next 20 minutes….

Ok, I’ll stop doing that.

But really, this part is exciting and cool: fatCoffee doesn’t actually have coffee in it (you add that yourself), but that’s actually a feature, not a bug. Because you can add fatCoffee to anything (well, it tastes ok on broccoli, but that’s not my point.) Like, try this:

  • In a tightly-sealable thermos, make a cup of tea using something like Republic of Tea’s Apple Cider Herbal Tea.
  • Remove the tea bag, and add 1 packet of fatCoffee®
  • Close lid securely, and shake/blend for 45-60 seconds

What comes out is a smooth, creamy, foamy, sweet-but-there’s-no-sugar-in-it-at-all, incredible cup of Hot Apple Pie. Really, it’s fantastic, and if you have one of these in the evening, I can just about guarantee you’ll have the most incredible dreams all night long. Like, what’s the most amazing thing you can think of? Picture that, riding on a unicorn, surrounded by 1000 Golden Retriever puppies while gold coins rain from the sky into a diamond-encrusted wheelbarrow being pulled along side you by your other unicorn. It’s that yummy.

Give it a Try – Order Just a Taste for $10, Risk-Free

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