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Oh, Canada!

At least twice a week, someone writes in to ask, “how can I get fatCoffee in Canada! We love butter coffee!”

And the short answer is: you can order some here, and pay a rather exorbitant shipping cost. Also, Canadian customs might demand a fairly heavy tariff when your box is imported. But there are some other options:

You can order a whole case, and split it with friends/keep it for yourself/sell it to other butter coffee aficionados. If that’s interesting to you, inquire here about getting a wholesale account.

There are also some options for international shipping that we have outlined here.

Why Can’t We Just Distribute fatCoffee in Canada?

The answer is somewhat complex, but can be simplified as: because we use real ingredients, and not artificial crap, to make fatCoffee.

Specifically, 100% grass-fed butter. And because of that, fatCoffee is categorized as a “butter product”, which means it’s subject to an import quota in Canada (hey, who knew?) And this year (2016), at least, that quota has been filled. Which means that if we tried to export fatCoffee from the U.S. into Canada, we’d have to pay a 300% import tariff. And we’d have to pass the savings on to you :).

So What Are We Going to Do About It?

Other than the alternatives we’ve listed above, there’s not a lot we can do about it. We can apply for an exemption from Canadian Customs, which we’re doing, but which will take a few months to work through. And we can try next year, when the quota “resets.”

So, What Aren’t We Going to Do About It?

First and foremost, we’re not going to change what we put into fatCoffee. Other butter-coffee-product manufacturers use all sorts of funky ingredients, so that you’d have to take their use of term “butter” rather lightly. Sort of like “collector’s edition comics” or “natural flavors.”

Also, regardless of the dire state of our political life here in America, we don’t currently have plans to move to Canada. Yet.

What Can YOU Do About It?

If you know of a local coffee shop, food co-op, grocery store or wholesale distributor in Canada who would like to purchase and resell fatCoffee, put them in touch with us! And in the meantime, gather up some friends and order some fatCoffee for everyone!

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  1. I’m glad to hear fatCoffee will not be changing the ingredients ! I hope you find a way around this matter for you to distribute your product to Canada. I will let you know if I come into contact with any local coffee shops who would like to purchase and resell fatCoffee,.

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