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Powered By: The NinjaGoat “Stack”

A partial list of the products and services we use to run our business. In time, we’ll offer some specific how-to’s for each of these. For now, this is my “bus list.”

Online Store Management

  • WordPress and WooCommerce hosted by WPEngine
  • DNS and SSL provided by CloudFlare
  • Affiliate Management by Referral Candy and WPAffiliates
  • Stand-alone and embedded Facebook store by Shopify

Inventory Management

Financial Management

  • Online credit card processing by Stripe and PayPal
  • Offline credit card processing by Square
  • Bookkeeping by (creators of one of the best on-boarding experiences I’ve ever seen. Seriously, try them.)
  • Payroll by Gusto

Professional Services

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  1. […] for sure, some of these things can be outsourced, even to software. I use a ton of web-based software and services to run my business. And, to be sure, we are adding some automation to the production process, but for now: it’s […]

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