Private Beta Tastes

If you want advanced access to fatCoffee Releases, and a bunch of extra stuff along with your fatCoffee order, sign up now for our Private Beta Taste. Members are first in line to order each of fatCoffee’s Releases, and are able to help decide what each release is going to include.

I developed this program so that people who were really interested fatCoffee and wanted to help decide how it’s going to be developed could have a voice in the process. There are a few key benefits to joining:

  • You’re guaranteed to have access to each Release. We’ll make at least enough fatCoffee to satisfy the demands of our members.
  • You get something extra in each order: sometimes it’ll be a sample of a new flavor we’re testing out, sometimes something that goes well with fatCoffee, and sometimes an extra surprise – just because you’re awesome, and we can’t help ourselves.
  • Members will be able to earn credits for referring other members, which can then be used to purchase fatCoffee.
  • Anything else we can think of to make sure you feel as awesome about us as we feel about you!

There’s no fee for membership – and there never will be. But being on the inside still feels better, so sign up today.

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