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Curated boxes of sensory hacks, fidgeting favorites, and the unexpected special interest– by people on the autism spectrum. For anyone.

Boxes are shipping NOW – order now, and we’ll get yours out to you right away. Or buy one for someone you think would enjoy this collection of items, and have it delivered to them.

This is our first box, and available in very limited quantities. Will there be a second box? We’ll see!

THREE sizes of boxes, THREE prices — something for everyone! a small box available for $39, a medium box available for $59, and the large box we have been selling (and making people really happy with!) for $99. (if buying for classrooms, we still strongly suggest the large box, so that more people can be engaged at once.)

the small and medium boxes together contain EXACTLY the contents of the LARGE box — just split in a way that allows there to be some sensory, some special interest, some executive function/personal care products in each of them.



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Product Description

We are happy to deliver to a gift address, but the time to purchase is NOW. You will also be supporting TRY IT AUT’S mission to create a subscription plan for 2017, which depends strongly on the response to this first box. TRY IT AUT is more than a “product” — it is a “project”. And it needs your support!

Tucker James Collins — neurochemistry major, mask-maker, puppet-maker, Aspie — has curated our first box. We are offering three sizes of these boxes for sale at $39, $59 and $99 (plus a flat $10 for shipping anywhere in the U.S.). Future boxes, if this one is successful, will be curated by future individuals who identify on the autism spectrum. Want to curate a box? Let us know!

From Tuck:

Tucker and Claudia, All Souls Procession“Throughout my life I have carried things I was interested in. I would gather rocks and leaves, and even had a bag of disembodied doll heads. As I got older, I carried a larger variety of things with me – Gameboy, books, a Rubik’s cube – not knowing what would capture my attention best over the next few hours. I enjoyed sharing these things with other people, though I was not always attuned to other people’s own interest in them. I share for the joy of the moments when I have found like-minds or at least good conversation, and hopefully some understanding.

Since discovering that I am on the autism spectrum, I have spent time specifically looking for fidgets and stim tools, as well as solutions for other things that I realized were problems for me. And I continue to share them when the opportunities arise.

I have two goals for Try It Aut:

  • That I may share with other people who I am, what my struggles have been, and some of my solutions.
  • That I can help to paint some picture of what Autism means in my life, both for other neurodivergent people, and for neurotypicals.

Reading and hearing about the experiences of other people on the spectrum has been really helpful for me in my journey to understand this, and with Try It Aut, I hope to provide a tactile adventure, inviting anyone to come and feel some of the solutions out with me, whether it is by giving some time to a fidget, breaking down a task into small manageable pieces, or feeling your hands get wonderfully and tolerably clean.”Save



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