Butter Coffee Anytime – fatCoffee© Vanilla (Original)

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An amazing flavor that you could try and replicate at home, but that’s like making your own popcorn and taking it to the movies: 5x the work, 1/10th as good. And a mess.

Butter coffee made with fatCoffee® powers your workout, your run and your most challenging morning in 60 seconds or less, anywhere, anytime. No measuring, no mess, no wasted time. The highest quality ingredients of any butter coffee on the market, anywhere.

Pick the right bottle, add one packet of fatCoffee® and 8oz of hot coffee or tea to make a delicious, nutrient-dense energy powerhouse. 100% all natural, no preservatives, stabilizers, or artificial ingredients. It all starts with 100% organic, grass-fed butter.

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A Remarkable, Unparalled Butter Coffee

Yes, you could slap some butter and some MCT oil in your coffee and mix it up – but that’s like bringing your own popcorn to the movie theater – it’s a pain, and you end up with a taste that pales by comparison. Organic ground vanilla bean powder (no extract!), and gently-melted cocoa butter make for a delectable and rich taste that has no equal.

The Highest Quality Ingredients of Any Butter Coffee

Make your butter coffee with the highest quality ingredients:

  • Ghee made from 100% grass-fed, organic and non-GMO butter, from Lancaster County, PA
  • Organic, wet-milled, virgin coconut oil
  • Pharmaceutical-grade MCT oil
  • Whole powdered milk from pasture-raised goats
  • Organic cocoa butter
  • Organic ground vanilla bean
  • Read more about our Ingredients and Nutritional Facts

Ready Anywhere, Any Time, in No Time

Start enjoying a rich, satisfying, latte-like beverage. Make it anywhere, any time. You don’t need a blender or high-speed mixer, just mix fatCoffee® with coffee or tea in a tightly-sealed water bottle or thermos, shake for 30 seconds, pour and enjoy!

Each package contains:

  • 8  1-oz servings of fatCoffee, ready to mix with the hot beverage of your choice

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