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How to Buy fatCoffee as Cheaply as Possible

As we have begun to expand the options for purchasing fatCoffee on our website, as well as the other places you can buy it, I’m reminded of some of the earliest feedback we received when we first started selling fatCoffee.

Love it! But it’s expensive!

I started NinjaGoat with one core mission: to use the highest quality ingredients possible to make the best cup of butter coffee anywhere, anytime.

fatCoffee is the only butter coffee mix made with 100% grass-fed butter. Everyone else – every single similar product out there – uses butter from cows that are raised, at least part of the time, on grains. And some add other weird stuff, like highly branched cyclic dextrin.

We don’t. Our butter comes from cows that are raised exclusively on grass and, in the winter time, hay. Nothing else. Ever.

Which means our butter is 3-6x as expensive as what normally passes for “grass-fed” butter.

Still, I’m sensitive to the fact that choosing to be Paleo, Primal or Keto often means you’ve got to pay extra special attention to your food budget, because high-quality foods (those which are highly nutritious, minimally-processed, fresh, local, etc.) aren’t always the least expensive.

With that in mind, here’s our guide on how to buy fatCoffee as cheaply as possible.

  • We offer discounts if you get regular shipments: just have fatCoffee packets auto-shipped to you every 2, 4 or 6 weeks, and you’ll save up to 10% on each box.
    • Buy at least $50 worth of fatCoffee on our site, and you’ll get Free Shipping.
  • If you’re an Amazon Prime customer, get fatCoffee via Subscribe & Save: you’ll save at least $1 on every 8-pack, and $3 per pack if you’re getting 5 or more Subscribe & Save items each month. (Plus Prime customers get free 2-day shipping.)
  • Want to save about 20%? Buy an Annual Subscription – pay once, and get fatCoffee every month for a year (you get free shipping all year, too.)

Still too complex? Here’s a nifty table you can use to find the cheapest option that makes the most sense for you:

8 Pack, Once
8 servings
Just $3 S&H
8 pack, Auto Ship
8 servings
Just $3 S&H
Buy 3, get Free Shipping
Subscribe & Save (Amazon)
from $17
8 servings, as often as you want
Free Shipping (for Amazon Prime members)
Annual Subscription
from $395/yr
16 - 32 servings, every month
Free Shipping
Extras every month (like Ninja Goat Ludicrious Blend Coffee, Paleo treats, new product samples and more)
Guaranteed delivery every month (fatCoffee routinely sells out.)