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The Shaker Method

fatCoffee® is designed to be easy to make, and this is by far the easiest and most portable way to make it. This video shows you how to use Slot88 a water bottle and hot coffee to make fatCoffee in about 60 seconds (well 54 seconds, not including the time it takes to pour it into a cup. Which is optional anyway.)

We use the Nalgene OTF Kids Chomp bottle in this video.

2 thoughts on “The Shaker Method

  1. […] size for making a single cup of fatCoffee. This is, in fact, what you’ll see me using in the Shaker Method video. When you shake this up, and unclasp the metal lock, the lid will usually “pop” […]

  2. Very interesting method and very useful! I love how you can spend a short amount of time making your coffee and having it still taste great.
    Gotta love fatCoffee!

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