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Tis the Season for Seasonal Flavors

One of the nice things about controlling your own production process – as opposed to working with a third party copacker – is that it’s relatively easy for us to try new things. Of course, we need to tread carefully, but small changes are pretty simple.

Plus, I get bored easily, and I like mixing and matching new flavors to see what I can come up with.

We have four new flavors of fatCoffee now – bringing us to a total of seven, which is fairly amazing considering that we really only started offering fatCoffee for sale to the public less than two years ago. No other butter coffee product even comes close – not in terms of quality ingredients (no “highly branched cyclic dextrin” in our products), or variety of flavors.

Now available, for a limited time (perhaps):

Pumpkin Spice fatCoffeefatCoffee Pumpkin Spice
Apparently, this is a seasonal flavor. As in, “you know, Ben, it’s supposed to go away at some point in the year.” What do I know? I like it as much in June as I do in October, but the truth is: if it doesn’t go away for a while, it just isn’t special when it comes back.


fatCoffee Mocha OrangefatCoffee Mocha Orange
Rich and fragrant, with a hint of organic cold-pressed orange oil. As with any of our flavors, we use only natural ingredients. Look on your food package labels for the words “natural flavorings”, and shudder at the fact that that can mean almost anything.

This one’s inspired by the Terry Chocolate Orange – I buy a bunch of these every year to give around the holidays. Like the Terry’s Chocolate Orange, remember to “whack, and unwrap” your fatCoffee packets. Seriously, contents may separate, so mash it up!

fatCoffee Mocha MintfatCoffee Mocha Mint
A chocolate peppermint latte, with a tiny bit of organic essential peppermint leaf oil for a snappy, crisp and wintery beverage to start your day. Or finish it.

I love this in the late morning once I’m at the office – particularly after trudging through the bracing late-fall winds on the 2-mile walk in. It’s the perfect way to bring a tiny little bit of winter inside.


And (shhhh….) fatCoffee Chocolate Pine
A friend of ours sent a link to a Milk Chocolate Bar with Pine Oil from Switzerland, which we promptly ordered a 1/2 dozen of. They were delicious, ever-so-slightly reminiscent of the Redwoods forests of Northern California – and impossible to resist imitating. Friends who’ve tried this have called it “familiar”, and “enticing” – and we’re excited to share it with you. Soon!

But not yet! Only Premium Subscribers will get a chance to taste it in our December boxes. Sign up today!

We are selling out of fatCoffee pretty regularly, but if you place your order here, you’ll always be first in line when we restock, which we are doing about every two weeks now.

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