What is TRY IT AUT?

Just a Few Left

We're not making these any more, but there are a few of our first - and only - version still in stock.

UPDATE: March 15th, 2019 - These are now discontinued, but we have a few left in stock are now shipping.

When fatCoffee got it's first "big break" this past summer as being included in a curated subscription box (Abel James’ Quarterly.co Biohacking Box), it got us talking about these popular boxes and their various niche markets. And, inevitably, it came up -- first as a sort of joking, rhetorical question: "What would you put in a box that was curated specifically for people on the autism spectrum?"

It took about one point five seconds for that to go from "amusing" to "enormously exciting". Autism acceptance and understanding is our family's passion, and joy. And, as anyone with an autistic loved one can tell you (or your autistic loved one can tell you themselves), it's SO much more than changing your mindset -- about how people think, or act, or speak. Autism creates an entirely different relationship with the material world. Materials -- that frequently fit in boxes.

Could a subscription box specifically geared towards autistic people and their loved ones -- curated entirely by people on the autism spectrum -- be a good business proposition? We have no idea. So this time around, we don't plan to even try to make it one, and are just going to see if it's a good idea -- an idea that makes anyone happy or enthusiastic.

But you don’t even know what’s in them. Are you sure you can stand not to? (No, then check it out here.)

Tucker and Claudia, All Souls ProcessionAs our firs curator said:

"Throughout my life I have carried things I was interested in. I would gather rocks and leaves, and even had a bag of disembodied doll heads. As I got older, I carried a larger variety of things with me - Gameboy, books, a Rubik's cube - not knowing what would capture my attention best over the next few hours. I enjoyed sharing these things with other people, though I was not always attuned to other people's own interest in them. I share for the joy of the moments when I have found like-minds or at least good conversation, and hopefully some understanding.

Since discovering that I am on the autism spectrum, I have spent time specifically looking for fidgets and stim tools, as well as solutions for other things that I realized were problems for me. And I continue to share them when the opportunities arise.

I have two goals for Try It Aut:

  • That I may share with other people who I am, what my struggles have been, and some of my solutions.
  • That I can help to paint some picture of what Autism means in my life, both for other neurodivergent people, and for neurotypicals.

Reading and hearing about the experiences of other people on the spectrum has been really helpful for me in my journey to understand this, and with Try It Aut, I hope to provide a tactile adventure, inviting anyone to come and feel some of the solutions out with me, whether it is by giving some time to a fidget, breaking down a task into small manageable pieces, or feeling your hands get wonderfully and tolerably clean."

Those are the only hints we are giving about what’s in the box.

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